Best Beard Styles For Oval Face

Level Up Your Look: Best Beard Styles for Oval Face

Gentlemen, is your beard stuck in a style rut? Does it just feel like it’s…there, failing to truly complement your face? The truth is, not all beards are created equal, especially when it comes to face shape. But fret no more! This guide will help unlock a beard that accentuates your jawline. And strengthen your facial features. So, let’s get ready to discover the perfect beard to elevate your entire look. Let’s dive in!

What we’ll cover in this post:

Why Face Shape Matters: Choosing the right beard style for your face shape is key to a flattering look. An oval face is considered ideal, offering versatility for many styles.

Short & Defined Styles (Low Maintenance):

  • Soul Patch: Classic and simple.
  • Classic Goatee: Defines the chin and adds ruggedness.
  • Chin Curtain: Frames the jawline for a sharp look.
  • Winnfield: Combines a goatee with sideburns for a structured look.
  • Short Boxed Beard: Neat and well-groomed, perfect for a professional look.
  • Corporate Beard: Shorter version of the classic goatee, is ideal for workplaces.

Medium & Full Coverage Styles (More Bold):
● Full Beard: Classic and complements a strong jawline, requires maintenance.
● Garibaldi: Full beard with a wider moustache for a confident look.
● Verdi: Similar to Garibaldi but with a pointed moustache for a sophisticated look.
● Yeard: Ultimate statement piece, requires serious dedication to maintenance.

Level Up Your Look: Why Face Shape Matters

Ready to Deep Dive? Now that you have an idea of beard styles that flatter your oval face, let’s delve deeper into each option. We’ll explore everything you need to know to rock your chosen style. Gear up, gentlemen, it’s time to unleash your beard potential!

Beard Your Way to Greatness: Top Styles Great for Oval Faces

Ever feel like your beard just…exists? It’s there, but it doesn’t quite elevate your look the way you’d hoped. Here’s the secret: The right beard style for your face shape is the key to unlocking your style.
And for the blessed with oval faces, you’re in luck! Oval is considered the ideal face shape. It offers versatility for a wide range of beard styles. But with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This guide will unveil the top beard styles that will have your oval face looking its absolute best.

Why Face Shape Matters

Think of your face shape as the canvas, and your beard as a piece of art. The right style will compliment your features, adding definition and balance. An oval face is generally longer than it is wide, with a balanced jawline and forehead. This allows you to experiment with a variety of beard styles. From short and defined to full and luxurious.

Top Beard Styles for Oval Faces

Short & Defined: These styles are perfect for the low-maintenance man:

  1. Soul Patch: A timeless classic. The soul patch adds a touch of personality without overwhelming your face.
  2. Classic Goatee: This style defines your chin and adds a touch of ruggedness. Great for highlighting a strong jawline.
  3. Chin Curtain: Frames your jawline for a sharp, defined look. Think Chris Hemsworth in his prime.
  4. Winnfield: Combines a goatee with sideburns for a more structured look. Think of it as the “put-together” cousin of the classic goatee.
  5. Short Boxed Beard: Neat and well-groomed with a clean outline. This is a professional yet stylish option. Think Ryan Reynolds.
  6. Corporate Beard: Workplace-friendly and polished. This shorter beard keeps things professional. Think a shorter version of the classic goatee
Corporate Beard

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Top Beard Styles for Oval Faces (For Bigger Beards, high maintenance)

Medium & Full Coverage: For those seeking a bolder look. these styles offer more coverage and personality.
The full beard complements a strong jawline in oval faces. Just remember, a full beard requires proper maintenance to keep it looking sharp. That means regular trimming and keeping the neckline clean.

  1. Garibaldi: This full beard features a wider moustache. This shows a robust and confident look. Think Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian revolutionary who rocked this style with aplomb.
  2. Verdi: Similar to the Garibaldi but with a pointed moustache. This adds a touch of flair and sophistication. Think of it as the “dapper” cousin of the Garibaldi.
  3. Yeard: For the truly committed beard grower. The yeard is the ultimate statement piece. Remember, a yeard requires serious dedication to maintenance and shaping. Not for the faint of heart!

Finding Your Perfect Match

While these styles are all winners for oval faces, there’s more to the equation than just face shape. Here are some additional factors to consider:
● Your personal style: Do you prefer a clean-cut look or something more rugged?
● Beard growth patterns: Your beard might grow patchy in some areas. This will influence the styles that work best for you.
● Maintenance level: Some styles require more upkeep than others. Be honest about how much time you’re willing to invest in beard care.


Don’t be afraid to try out different styles until you find the one that speaks to you. After all, your beard is a journey, not a destination. Most importantly, have fun with it! The right beard can boost your confidence and become a signature part of your look.

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