Short Beard Styles For Round Face

Top 5 Short Beard Styles for Round Face: Short Beard Styles For Round Face

Feeling confined by your round face when it comes to rocking a beard? Believe it or not, there’s a whole world of short beard styles waiting to be your secret weapon! Finding the perfect balance between facial hair and a round face shape can feel like a daunting task. But fear not! This guide is your one-stop shop for unlocking the power of short beard styles. So, ditch the razor, and grab your beard trimmer. You can find out more about the best trimmers for short beards here. Get ready to discover the short beard style that’ll have you turning heads for all the right reasons.

What you’ll take away from this article:

Round face and Why is a Short beard your friend? It adds vertical lines, sharpens features and requires less maintenance.
The Top 5 Short Beard Styles for Round Faces:
1. Van Dyke: Classic goatee with a separate moustache for a clean look.
2. Short Boxed: Sharp and modern with clean lines that define your face.
3. Balbo: Similar to boxed but without sideburns for a unique style.
4. Anchor: Nautical-inspired with a pointed tip for an edgy and slimming effect.
5. Ducktail: Tapered with a pointed tip, adds personality while remaining clean.

Choosing Your Short Beard Style

Unleash your inner beard hero! Rock a short beard that turns heads. Now that you have an idea of what styles will suit a round face let’s dive deeper! This guide will explore each style in detail. And provide valuable tips on achieving the perfect look. We’ll also delve into the art of beard maintenance. Always ensuring your facial hair stays healthy and handsome. So, grab a seat and get ready to transform your round face into a masterpiece of sculpted style.

Short Beard Styles for Round Faces: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Style

Having a round face doesn’t mean you have to kiss beard dreams goodbye. With the right short beard style, you can actually accentuate your features. And achieve a sharper, more defined look.
Studies show that facial hair is perceived as a sign of masculinity and maturity. But with a round face, choosing the wrong beard style can make your face appear even rounder.

Here’s why a short beard is your best friend with a round face:
● Creates an illusion of length. Short beards with defined lines along the jawline add verticality. This makes your face appear longer.
● Sharpens features: A well-groomed beard helps define your jawline and chin. Adding a touch of angularity to a round face.
● Easier maintenance: Short beards require less upkeep compared to longer styles. Perfect for us busy guys.

Ready to rock a beard that accentuates your best features? Here are the top 5 short beard styles that will have you looking sharp:

  1. The Van Dyke Beard: This beard style is a timeless classic. It features a neatly trimmed goatee paired with a separate moustache.
    ● Perfect for Guys who want a balance between facial hair and a clean look.
    ● Key feature: The separation between the moustache and goatee. Adding definition and preventing a bulky look.

2. The Short Boxed Beard: This sharp style features a beard that neatly follows your jawline. Creating a clean, square shape.
● Perfect for Guys who want a polished, modern look.
● Key feature: The clean lines of the boxed beard add structure and definition to your face.

3. The Balbo Beard: Similar to the boxed beard. This sophisticated style eliminates the sideburns, creating a disconnected effect.
● Perfect for Guys who want a unique and stylish look.
● Key feature: The lack of sideburns draws attention to the jawline. And adds a touch of individuality.

4. The Anchor Beard: This nautical-inspired style features a moustache connected to a pointed beard on the chin, resembling an anchor (as the name suggests!).
● Perfect for Guys who want a beard with a touch of edge.
● Key feature: The pointed tip of the beard helps elongate the face and add definition.

5. The Ducktail Beard: This tapered beard features a slightly pointed tip at the chin. Adding a touch of whimsy while still maintaining a clean look.
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● Perfect for Guys who want a beard with a bit of personality.
● Key feature: The tapered sides and pointed tip create a slimming effect on the face.

Bonus Tip: Remember, these are just starting points! Experiment with different beard lengths and trimming techniques. Find the perfect style that complements your unique facial features.

Keep your beard looking its best with these grooming essentials:

● Invest in a quality beard trimmer with adjustable settings.
● Regularly trim and shape your beard to maintain its definition.
● Keep your neckline clean with a sharp razor or trimmer.
● Use beard oil or balm to condition and soften your beard hair.


Choosing the right short beard style can significantly enhance your appearance. And complement your round face shape. Don’t be afraid to explore the options above. Follow these grooming tips and you can achieve a sharp and stylish look.

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